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MYP WebQuests: Click on the links below

How Do High School Cliques affect Our Culture?... 9th grade.... Photography
Are Tattoos Taboo? ...9th grade...Drawing and Painting I
What Is Your Artistic Footprint?...9th grade...Drawing and Painting I

What is a Masterpiece and Who Gets To Decide?... 10th grade... all art courses


"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel." Maya Angelou

Click here to find the Art History WebPage on Greek Mythology
Welcome to my classroom website! Art Fee reminder: All art courses cost $40.00 per semester. Checks can be written to TRHS or you can pay online. Check here for weekly updates that will include contests, how to Letter in Art, resources, student recognitions, galleries of student work, and more...    
To pay the course fee click here. All Art classes are $40.00 a semester except Art History which is $20.00. AP Studio is a year long course so it is a total of $80.00.  
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Final Exam Reviews for all classes:

Download a general review for the final exam for all classes here.  

AP Final Exam Review download here.
Drawing and Painting I Final Exam Review dowload here.
Drawing and Painting II Final Exam Review download here.
Photography I Final Exam Review download here


Push your Creativity and Processes by clicking on the following Fine Art resources:
Photo to Art Styles Link
Art Forum
Artists Daily
art netSchool Arts
Wet Canvas


Digital Photography and Graphic Design Art resources
Adobe Magazine
Computer Arts
Digital Arts

Digital Photography


Art History I Course

Click here to access my Photoshop Basics Class
This is my adult class that I teach for Staff Development.

To log in to the server: student’s last name, first initial, middle initial
and the student password is Dcsd (note the capital D) followed by their student number
To change your password download the directions here.
Download Media Consent form here to be able to have your art work posted on our classroom website gallery.
PRIDE Poster: Use this poster to guide you through each project.
Click here for the current Art Discussions. Is Graffiti Art? What is Aesthetics? Who gets to decide?
Instructional Podcasts
Click on this link to the online Blog about "David Hockney" and his theory that the Masters used Camera Obscura to trace images to paint during the Renaissance.
Download the Final Exam Review PowerPoints here:
AP Studio Art, Drawing & Painting I I & III
Drawing & Painting I
Photography I
Final Exam Review for all of my Spring Semester Classes. Download here. .
Spotlight on:
If you are interested in taking AP Studio Art next year contact Counseling and come see me so I can answer any questions that you might have. It is a weighted grade and you can earn college credit. You need to have taken Level I, II and III of Drawing & Painting but some students take Level III Fall semester of the school year they take AP Studio Art . Some students take AP Studio their Junior and Senior year.
Celebrations: My students continue to have a 100% pass rate for AP Studio Art...
Upcoming Art Shows:
Senior Show April 3 & 4 at Highlands Ranch High School (April 4th. Awards Ceremony 6:30l, the DCSD Secondary Art Show April 17 - 24 at Park Meadows Mall (April 21st. Reception). , the Continental League Art Show April 20 - 30 at the Outlet Mall in Castle Rock (April 30th. Reception: 5-7).