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The drawings above were created by students in my Drawing and Painting III classes.
Drawing & Painting III
Drawing & Painting III
Pre AP
Period Five Picture Gallery pending Drawing & Painting III Syllabus
Current Project: Macro oil pastel of a floral or vehicle (vintage car or truck) (see instructions below)
upcoming assignments:
furniture or altered surface painting
self portrait
Essential Learnings for all Drawing & Painting Classes
Assignments: Students are either working on pre AP portfolios or developing art portfolios to showcase work. The projects below in an unassigned order since AP Studio and Level Three Drawing and Painting classes are mixed level. Projects for both levels are determine by common media.

Introductory Lesson
Folder Cover Desiign

Do not forget to share the syllabus with your parents or guardian. Return the parent/student contract ASAP. Take the student survey that can be downloaded here.
Design a cover for your colored folder and glue it on the cover. It can be a random design or symbols about you.

Why: To assess where your skills, interests and strengths are. What you know and what you need to work on to build confidence and creativity.

Due: 8/18

What is due?
2. Parent and student contract signed
3. Folder Cover signed

Assignment I:
Remembering Last Summer Project

For this project share what the best moment of your summer was and the worst. Next decide which you want to ilustrate for our first project. There are also photos that the staff has also provided. Once you decide on a memorable moment you will choose the media that fits the composition best. The goal is for the composition to comminicate where the illustration is of and show the emotions you remember. Why: So that you can create a unique work that will remind us all of our summer past moments as we start the new school year. Due: 8/18

What is due?
1.Brainstorming sketch and/or notes
2. enlarged illustration
3. Final artwork Monday, August 29th.
Charcoal Portraits Points Beginning
Completion of all steps including line drawing, enlarging and value study
80 Messy presentation
Lacks personalization
Clear attempt at brainstoring and craftsmanship
Some attempt at practicing media
Good craftsmanship.
Skills building but not consistent.
Evidence of media practice
Clean, controlled use of media and Demonstration of skills with techniques and media.
EFFORT: Use of classtime to produce meaningful art 20 No evidence of class participation.
Distracting to self and others. Inconsistent use of class time
Some off-task behaviors with some on task engagement Majority of class time used towards improving art skills. Uses class time for ideation and skills practice. Evidence of on-task behavior.
3d Furniture Painting Project Directions: Study the master painters. You are not to copy their work but to create the 'essence' of their style and/or color. In your sketchboo write a one page report including: Who, What, Why, How Where, etc about the painter who will be your mentor. When everyone is done we will try to figure out who each person's artist was. You either need to bring in your own piece to paint or choose from the teachers' furniture that I have collected. You also need to print one of your master artists's work to refer to for technique and style. If you are doing a piece for a teacher you need to collaborate with them to decide on the artist, style and composition.
See the art history links at the bottom of this page.
Why: skill builder
artistic style
Due: TBD
Pre Assessment This pre assessment is for gathering data on what you know about the Elements of Art & the Principles of Design. Why: This pre test will help me to adjust what I teach about the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. Due:
Feb 2 - 8 of the week
Scratcboard Project Directions:
Take or bring a photo of architecture or an animal that you would like to create a scratchboard of. You will be putting the photo into Photoshop and use a filter to emulate a scratchboard.
Why: To learn composition, contrast, line and the technique of scratchboard.


Self Portrait Oil Painting Directions:Students need to either photograph themselves or work with mirrors to complete their self portraits. The composition must demonstrate knowledge of color theory and color psychology. Before painting the final portrait students must paint a series of gradation strips for black (ultramarine blue + burnt umbre), ultramarine blue, and burnt umbre. Why?: skill builder
Essential Learnings:
oil painting technique
color theory
artistic style
unusual perspective
personal voice
visual communication
Due: 9/21/06
Still Life Drawing Directions: Find an interesting angle to view the still life objects set up in the center of the classroom. Take several (3-5) photographs. You will edit and crop the photos in PhotoShop. You will then draw the still life by working from observation and your photo reference. Why: skill builder Due: 10/22/06
Scukptural Collage Directions: Cut pictures from magazines that attract your interest. Paste them to form a collage. Discover a theme and create a focal point that becomes 3D or sculptural. Your piece needs to have a color scheme and your art work must have a personal meeting

Why?: skill builder
Essential Learnings:
surface manipulation
color theory
visual communication

Due: TBD

Sketchbooks for both classes are 'Altered Books' at this level.
Directions: Find a book from the donated library books or bring in a hardcover book that you want to alter. Decide on a theme for your book that will become for you a personal visual journal over time. Every three weeks I will check the altered sketchbooks to check your progress. At each checkpoint you will set a goal for the next checkpoint, identifying what your next set of illustrations will be. The sketchbook grade will be an ongoing 'grade in progress'. A successful altered book will be a collections of drawings, paintings, and collage.

the book
Beth Cote Gallery
altered books

Why?: skill builder Due: TBD

Expressive Portrait
(stippling cross hatching, hatching)

Directions: Draw the contour lines of the portrait on a large piece of paper without details. Practice the stippling, hatching, and cross hatching handouts first with an ultra fine pen. Scatter your dots. Work darkest areas first. Best images for this project are photographs that you bring in that you have taken.
Resources: Stippling tutorial
National Geographic Photography

Why: skill builder

Due: TBD

Sketchbook Assignments:
Altered Sketchbooks

Directions: Look at the resource links below and the sample book in class. Start by painting the cover of your book with acrylic paint. Then glue pages together to modify. You can collage, paint, draw, try various media, and more. Experiment.
• the book
Beth Cote Gallery
altered books

Why: Skill builder Due: RUBRIC

(2 point) & advanced (multiple points)

Directions: Begin by following the handout tutorial I have given you for basic two point perspective guidelines. Find an interesting place in the school to draw a corner of such as the theater with an emphasis on stage props. You may also use a mat board angle tool to draw objects by finding their own multiple perspective points. Why: Skill builder Due: RUBRIC
Mid Term Exam
Final Exam
The final exam will include two parts. One will be a writing and discussion critique in which you will evaluate based on the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design, the art work created by our AP Studio students this year. The second part of the exam will be a demonstration of skills of observational drawing.The mid term and the final exam account for 10% of the final grade. We will review for the final the week before the final exam.
download the Drawing & Painting Final Exam study guide here.
Resource Links
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