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Almost, Maine Cast List

Almost, Maine
Cast List

OK, so this has been one of the most difficult shows I've had to cast in a long time, because you were all so good.  If you were not cast, please consider being a part of the tech crew for this show.  They will be having a meeting on Tuesday after school, and I'll be using some of the crew as extras in the show.

For those of you who have been cast, please meet in room 34 on Tuesday after school from 3-5.  We will pass out scripts and do our first read through.

Thank you to everyone who auditioned, and I look forward to seeing you in auditions for Shrek, the Musical.

Cast List

                    Pete                        Darin Pitts
                    Ginette                   Cameron Johnston

                    East                        Daniel Clayton
                    Glory                      Gracie Messer

                    Jimmy                    Michael Boyce
                    Sandrine                 Kristie Rose
                    Waitress                 Cierra Sloan

                    Steve                       Jack TenBarge
                    Marvalyn                Hannah Todd

                    Lendall                   Matt Pyfer

                    Gayle                      Ashley Hershey

                     Randy                    Conner Glimpse
                     Chad                      Michael Pitts

                     Phil                        Jax Gonzales
                     Marci                     Payten Buchanan

                     Hope                      Breanne Wilson
                     Man                       Jack TenBarge
                     Suzette                   Cierra Sloan

                     Rhonda                 Olivia Young
                     Dave                      Daniel Clayton