The Mysteries of Matter!


Science Detective: Your top secret mission is to discover the secrets to the mysteries of matter. You will explore the amazing atom. Be careful! You may may be confronted with some challenges along the way! Once you have completed your investigation log on the amazing atom, your next mission will be to unravel another mystery of your choice as a group. You will then report your findings to the rest of the detectives and your head agent. Make sure you stay on the path! And remember, all good detectives keep notes! Good luck!

Your Tasks

Mission 1: Follow these steps carefully!

1. Print our your investigation report. Read through your log or report carefully before you begin so you know what is expected of you.

2. Visit the following sites to learn about atoms. First, visit Brainpop and watch a video. If you cannot access the video, that’s okay. You may investigate the rest of that page only for other clue on atoms.

3. The next site you will visit is the The Atoms Family. You must investigate the Phantom’s Portrait Parlor. Here, you will complete four tasks: Explore these two sites to find out more about Atoms : Phases of Matter and Spectroscope of an Atom.

Next, you will complete two activities: Paper Cutting and Mighty Molecules. Get the supplies from your head agent (teacher). You may print out these activities if needed.

4. Once you have completed these activities, complete your investigation log and turn it in to your head agent.

Mission 2: Read through your next mission completely before you begin

1. Your next mission is to unravel another mystery of your choice as a small group of 3 or 4 detectives. You will be reporting your findings to the rest of the detectives, as well as your head agent. You may choose one of the following mysteries to unravel:

You must meet the following requirements to be prepared for your oral report:

Good job, Detectives! You have unraveled some of the mysteries of matter! To congratulate you on your effort, you may sit back and enjoy reading about some superheroes in The Comic Book of Elements!

Collected Evidence of Learning:

Investigation Log
Observed Participation
Group Presentation


Standards and Checkpoints covered:

Science Standards 1.1, 1.3, and 2a.1